Pakistani Youth Service Project

In the town of Gilgit, student leaders from Shining Light Academy and the Scholarship program are being raised up as the next generation of leaders in northern

  • Kezia McNab
  • 26. 09. 2023

Homes of Hope

In the summer of 2022, unprecedented rainfall caused catastrophic flooding and destruction throughout Pakistan. In addition to lives lost, the floods washed away

  • Kezia McNab
  • 8. 08. 2023

Olivia’s Pallette of Love

Olivia has always had a heart for those who are hurting. Since she was a toddler, she has noticed hungry people on the street and asked if they had a place to

  • Kezia McNab
  • 29. 05. 2023

Rural Village Sewing Centers – the Multiplication Effect

As hundreds of women were gaining new skills, starting businesses, and thriving after receiving Shining Light’s vocational skills training, it was evident that

  • Kezia McNab
  • 8. 05. 2023

New Desks and Classrooms for SLA

Right as we were all sending our children back to school last summer, all of YOU rallied behind the students at Shining Light Academy in the most incredible way.

  • Kezia McNab
  • 11. 04. 2023

110 Winter House Warming Kits Delivered

In the aftermath of the flooding in northern Pakistan, hundreds of families were left with their homes completely destroyed. Living in tents and temporary shelters,

  • Kezia McNab
  • 12. 02. 2023

SLI Delivers Food Relief during Flood Crisis

  • Kezia McNab
  • 12. 02. 2023

What’s in a Food Relief Package?

Since the flooding began in the summer of 2022, SLI was planning and preparing for the big question of “What can we do to help?” This is not the first time

  • Kezia McNab
  • 19. 10. 2022

Scholarship Students go to College

It has been our honor and privilege to walk with these students from Kindergarten all the way through their college education.  These are the young men and women

  • Kezia McNab
  • 27. 09. 2022

SLI’s Response to the Floods

The recent flooding throughout Pakistan is some of the worst the nation has seen in over a decade. The country is ravaged with destruction and officials are scrambling

  • Kezia McNab
  • 11. 09. 2022

110 Emergency Scholarships

110 Christian students have received scholarships in 2022 to help their families through the Pandemic. Covid-19 has effected many in Gilgit-Baltistan, and it

  • Kezia McNab
  • 18. 07. 2022

Teacher Training Rural Sewing Centers

With the opening of 3 new Rural Village Sewing Centers, Shining Light held a teacher’s training for the local teacher and leaders of these centers. The

  • Kezia McNab
  • 9. 04. 2021

Covid-19 Food Relief

  • Kezia McNab
  • 28. 08. 2020

Meet our Board of Directors

Shining Light International is supported and strengthened by a wonderful active board comprised of international professionals, business men, and nonprofit experts.

  • Kezia McNab
  • 19. 08. 2020

New Confidence

Naila Shaheen is a student at Shining Light’s Women’s Vocational Training Center. Though she never had the chance to attend school or obtain skills

  • Kezia McNab
  • 9. 03. 2020