Olivia’s Pallette of Love

Olivia’s Pallette of Love

Olivia has always had a heart for those who are hurting. Since she was a toddler, she has noticed hungry people on the street and asked if they had a place to stay or food to eat. She has been building homeless shelters with Duplo Legos- complete with beds and pots of soup since before she knew there was such a thing. Olivia also loves to paint. Inspired by her Grandpa, who is a local artist, she recently decided to sell her artwork and give half of her proceeds to support the causes that are so close to her heart, and recently Shining Light International was one of them! She has started a small business called “Olivia’s Palette of Love” and so far she has:

+ Distributed $290 in grocery store/restaurant gift cards to hungry and homeless people in Florida

+ Donated $60 to help displaced/homeless children and youth in the Ukraine

+ Auctioned a painting and given $210 to help hurricane victims on the West Coast of Florida

+ Contributed $200 toward emergency relief for the flood victims in northern Pakistan

When Olivia heard about the people of northern Pakistan who were severely impacted by the floods, and that they needed warm blankets and stoves to get through the winter, she was determined to help them and got to work! She did an art walk in downtown Stuart, Florida to try to raise money for Shining Light.  Unfortunately, that night it began to rain hard, and she wasn’t able to sell many paintings.  She looked at her mom and said, “Mommy, I didn’t make enough!” Her goal was $100.  Every year her church does a live nativity as a community outreach and she gave up acting in the play to set up a table at the market that night so she could raise the rest of the money to buy blankets. She more than reached her goal and instead of giving half of her proceeds, which was is her normal business plan, she gave ALL of it to buy blankets for Pakistan flood victims.  We have been so humbled by children and families like Olivia who have given their time and talents to partner with us in northern Pakistan.


Olivia, thank you for your love and dedication to bless those who are hurting, and to offer HOPE for the future alongside SLI.