Flood Relief

In the summer of 2022, unprecedented rainfall caused catastrophic flooding and destruction throughout Pakistan. In addition to lives lost, the floods washed away homes, livestock and land. In an instant – gone.

Disasters of this proportion are not new to Shining Light. We have walked with communities in crises before including a devastating earthquake in 2005, flash floods and landslides in 2010 and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. We have gained vital experience in emergency relief and rehabilitation. And over the past 19 years, through the hard and good times, have forged trusted relationships with remote, and under educated communities. The local government has limited resources that are spread thinly, and recognizes Shining Light as an expert in the field and a trusted resource among diverse communities.

Even in the face of this tragedy, we know that HOPE will shine through and restoration is possible.

The government of Pakistan has asked Shining Light to build homes for 34 families in the region whose homes were destroyed in the floods. Land has been provided by local communities for each family. The cost of building each three-room home is $3,300US. A total of $112,200US is needed to provide all 34 families in crisis with a home – a start – a secure place to begin again. Construction will begin on each home as funds become available.

The Hope:

There is little access to resources and community development services in northern Pakistan. Our dedicated field staff and volunteers have been actively involved in flood relief efforts to date and are preparing to be involved in long-term development and programs among these communities. Not only will this project provide shelter for families in need, it will open a way for Shining Light to build relationships, trust and a long-term presence among isolated communities that have little access to education and development services.

Please join SLI in providing safety and stability for these families that will allow them to rebuild, stabilize, and look toward their future with HOPE. 

You can provide shelter and hope today by donating in the form below.

Shining Light provided critical Flood Relief in northern Pakistan in 2010: WATCH HERE

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