Who We Are

Who We Are

Shining Bright with Hope

We believe the people of northern Pakistan deserve a brighter future.

That is why we are working to build schools, provide training, & promote community development that break cycles of poverty.  We are a small team dedicated to making lasting change for oppressed communities in northern Pakistan.

Our Story

We started with a desire to bring better education to a few kids in Pakistan. Those kids were from an oppressed minority in Gilgit, Pakistan, struggling against the challenges of poverty and illiteracy. They had no opportunity for quality education.

A young Pakistani leader wanted to change that. In 2003, he joined with volunteers and businessmen to begin tutoring a few children in a small room in his house. The few grew to 20, and the 20 quickly outgrew the space. The team raised funds to open an after-school program called The Gilgit Coaching Center. Soon, the group expanded to 60, and the waiting list kept growing.

The message was clear: Pakistan is hungry for education.

And so the vision for Shining Light was born.

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