Kunis Women’s Sewing Center

Kunis Women’s Sewing Center

After Kunis is a beautiful village nestled into the rugged mountains of Gilgit Baltistan. After the flooding that struck northern Pakistan in 2022, SLI began a series of flood relief efforts and projects aimed at rehabilitation and extending into further economic development and stability for the hardest hit villages.  Kunis was among these, and while physical infrastructure was rebuilt; homes, water systems, etc, we began to see that the people of this region were in need of rejuvenation and hope as well. 

While homes around them were being rebuilt, there was a deep desire in the hearts of the people to rise up themselves. With our love of people and committment to working with the most vulnerable populations, SLI set out to empower the women of Kunis through new skills, hope, self confidence, and practical tools to move forward after such destruction. 

After a detailed assessment from local staff and volunteers, Shining Light was able to launch a rural village Women’s Vocational Training Center in this village, enrolling 25 women. For the next year, these women of all ages will come together to learn practical skills to improve their homes, contribute to the income of their families, and gain the confidence and dignity every woman should have. 

As women are trained, begin earning an income, and gain the ability to meet the needs of their own families, the impact on this community will be exponential.  More children will be able to attend schools, more families fed, and there is a growing contribution of women to a community that is imperative for it to thrive.

We’d love for you to meet some of the women who are enrolled and hear their hope rising:

Khati:  “I am 19 years old, and am married, but unfortunately have no children. I know God will take care of us even though my husband works on daily wages.  I am here in this center to learn sewing and I feel like I have already had so much stress relieved (which I know is good for my health).  The ladies here are so friendly and also help me with my training.”

Hameeda BatoolI have three sisters and three brothers. Our father died nine years ago and my brothers help us with finances. We lost a lot of land in the floods last year and I know that I need to learn this skill to be able to stand on my own two feet.  Whenever I satart to think about my past, and my father’s death, I can’t control my grief. A father’s love cannot be fulfilled by someone else.  I never thought I’d be able to stand on my own…because I was totally broken and helpless.  I have been looking for a messiah to life me up but for many years have never had divine help in my life.  I have been looking, and anxiously waiting for the day to come sometimes I would feel an unexpected hope cover my entire body.  Then when I heard about this opportunity to be enrolled in Shining Light’s WVTC a strange feeling came upon my body, like something was shaking me saying “Hey…you are not alone. I am going to bring support in your life.” The very next day someone came to my home and said that I had been selected for a one year sewing program. I jumped out of my home and started crying and said to Allah- “thank you! You never leave your orphans alone.”

Fatima I am Fatima, mother of two boys.  I really want to help my sons be able to go to good schools. I have been attending the center for two months, and I have already gained great skills in cutting and crafting.  I have already started sewing for my two boys! I also can do simple ladies stitching.  I want to become one of the best tailors, and even teach others.  I also would love to do free stitching for those people who cannot pay to have sewing done. . I am sure that one day I will make a huge impact on my community and inspire them to encourage their lovely daughters.

Hameeda wife of Ghulam Ali  “I am a mother of four sons.  My husband lives in Karachi while my sons and I live in Kunis.  I take care of the boys and the land.  My boys are between 1 and 10 years old.  Life is very difficult without the physical support of my husband but still he supports us financially. I attend this center on a regular basis and I feel like this training will be one of my life changing opportunities to transform my potential into a working skill.  I love this skill and next year if I get enough resources I will start my own business and call back my husband to run the business together.  Now my other biggest desire is to provide good utility education to my children and seeing them have a better and different future from us.”


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