Clean, Accessible Water for Kunis

Clean, Accessible Water for Kunis

After the disastrous flooding across Pakistan in 2022, Shining Light engaged in a series of Flood Relief programs. While distributing food, repair kits, and winter warming supplies to over 700 families, it became apparent the that need for rehabilitation and rebuilding was absolutely necessary. Kunis was among one of the small villages of the Baltistan region that was highly affected, and the floods completely wiped out dozens of homes, and the entire village’s source of clean and accessible drinking water. 


While rebuilding several homes in the village for widowed women, the community leaders continued to express their desperate need for the most basic of human needs- water.  The village had become a desert overnight and for over a year, the women of the village would have to walk to the river for long periods of time and carry what they could back to their homes in buckets and cans.  During the months following the flood, many became sick from drinking the contaminated water from the river. Having clean, accessible water was quickly becoming a desperate need for this community. 

After assessing the needs and working with engineers and local contractors, Shining Light was able to provide an entire concrete water holding facility to channel water from the mountain springs above the village. Beginning in October, and reaching completion in less than three months, the village of Kunis now has access to clean water for their families!

Mohammad Ali is a social worker who was born and raised in Kunis, his heart was breaking at the condition of his home village. He couldn’t see a way forward until Shining Light offered to come alongside them and help them reach their goals for the community. For the first time since the floods, there was HOPE.  

“I have been born in this village, and all of my forefathers have also come from Kunis. We love this village…but the 2022 flood has changed the shape of my beautiful village.  I am sad and many times I have cried after seeing houses lost, land lost, and hope lost.  We are often neglected because of how remote we are, and when this disaster happened I lost all hope. I thought this village would never be healed…but last year, when I met the Shining Light leadership, I was very encouraged and from now until today they have been with us in our bad days. I have no words to say thank you for the greatest support we have ever received.  You people have been in the midst of our troubles and difficult days.  Now, we have fresh spring water, a WVTC for our innocent ladies, and homes for our widows. Your words of encouragement have always been a great strength to us.”

One of the widows of Kunis is Hajira. She was one of the recipients of a brand new home during the flood relief program – Homes of Hope. Not only is she able to dwell safely in a home, she is so grateful for your generosity toward Shining Light in order to make this water available to her as well. What seems like a small donation to us, changes the course of a woman’s life. She was sure that the future before her would only consist of transporting water from the river to her home, and now she has the freedom to engage in other pursuits and caring for those in her home. 

“I had been hopeless since I had lost my home…and life became meaningless. God knows how sad I was inside, but today I am happy because God is sending people to help us. You people have been a miracle to me.  Today I have gotten food and a water supply at my doorstep. I thought my whole life I will go to the river and fetch water, but now I have spring water at my home.  I am blessed, and I am so thankful to your organization for your kind support and consideration.”

Thank you for walking this road with us-  of providing help, hope, education, and the meeting of practical needs across northern Pakistan. We believe they believe they deserve the utmost care and dignity, and we are grateful for your partnership in this mission! .

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Kunis Water Holding Tank