110 Winter House Warming Kits Delivered

110 Winter House Warming Kits Delivered

In the aftermath of the flooding in northern Pakistan, hundreds of families were left with their homes completely destroyed. Living in tents and temporary shelters, many families were with out critical household items to keep them warm during Pakistan’s harsh winter months.

Through the generosity of our donors and partners, Shining Light International was able to fun the distribution of 110 House Warming Kits throughout three different villages. Field staff, in collaboration with the local government assessed who were the most severely affected victims from the floods. Each family received a token in which they could come and receive their house supplies.

House Warming Kits:

Each beneficiary received one house warming kit consisting of the following items: A heating stove with a 10 ft pipe, two large quilts, 2 mattresses and two pillows to help keep their families warm through these harsh winter months.

Last year was a beautiful way to conclude a full decade of Shining Light International so far. Though flooding hit the nation, and destroyed many homes and threatened lives, SLI was poised and ready to provide HOPE through practical help. Because you gave, we were able to give Food Relief packages to over 700 families as immediate help and relief post flooding.

THANK YOU for your long standing commitment and partnership along Shining Light International to ensure that those most severely affected by the floods received hope and light during the darkest time of the year. We will continue to walk alongside them as they rebuild.

Testimonies from House Warming Kit Recipients

 “I am Azra Btool,  and I come from a small village called Goach. The people of this village are extremely poor and almost 98% women are illiterate. There are only a few who are educated. Shining Light NGO’s presence in my village has been the only reason why our young ones are getting an education in my village.

I was not evening dreaming about getting training and one day I will be one of the candidates to teach these skills to the women in my village. I have now received a one-month advanced training in sewing and cutting. I would be honored to start a sewing center in my village. I am very sure many women will stand on their feet if they get a year of training in sewing and cutting. These ladies are mostly busy in agriculture and they have a miserable life. If Shining Light gives me a chance, I will try to make a difference with the utmost integrity and honesty.

Today I am so happy that in front of hundreds of ladies I have received my training certificate and I am so thankful to the Shining Light management team for choosing me for this training. I have been victimized by male dominance in the past,  I have been divorced two times and I am broken inside. I feel that I am worthless, and I sometimes pray that I should die instead of living a miserable life.  Again, thank you for choosing me and for considering me for this job.”

Two years ago, I had no value in my village and I was like just an ordinary lady. However, people respect me now and I have been helping my husband bring in a reasonable earning.”   – Meema