Our Mission

Our Mission

At SLI, we equip individuals and resource sustainable programs to create opportunities that empower entire communities and break the cycle of injustice and poverty.

Illiteracy, poverty, and intolerance are some of the biggest enemies we face in northern Pakistan and we believe that education can break down these barriers. We aim to serve and be a blessing to those we work with, providing hope for a brighter future through education, training, community development, and encouragement.

Our vision

Shining Light is uniquely equipped to address the needs of the most oppressed and isolated people in northern Pakistan.

We are drawn to the places where no one else wants to go — places that have remained unchanged for generations, stuck in poverty with no hope for a brighter future. Through engaging and empowering communities, we aim to expand education into every district in the region. Such development is only possible with your help.

For every year of education, a community’s wages can increase by 10-20%.

the problem

Without education, children often grow up destined for a life of poverty and hopelessness. Education is key to escaping poverty. Without it, communities struggle to survive and thrive as oppression and extremism threaten to take over. When most Pakistanis are asked what they dream of, it’s education — a hope for their future.

the solution

Shining Light is bringing hope for the future.

Through strong partnerships with local leaders, we’re empowering and equipping communities to root out poverty and provide opportunities that change lives. Shining Light educates more than 1,300 children and has provided vocational training to more than 800 women. Today, SLI continues to build relationships with communities that bring lasting change in one of the highest-need areas in the world.