SLI’s Response to the Floods

SLI’s Response to the Floods

The recent flooding throughout Pakistan is some of the worst the nation has seen in over a decade. The country is ravaged with destruction and officials are scrambling to provide immediate aide to those suffering from disease, destroyed homes and resources. Roads and bridges have been destroyed, landslides block access to food and clean water, and the government is unable to meet the needs of millions suffering the aftermath. The destruction has been overwhelming, but Shining Light is poised to HELP, and we’ve been there before.

Shining Light Needs your help to provide immediate flood relief. Act Now.

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Watch how SLI provided Flood Relief to Pakistan in 2010

In July of 2010 monsoon rains destroyed the nation through flash floods and landslides leaving thousands of families without crops, food, and shelter. Winter was was approaching quickly, and there was much concern for how families would survive the harsh cold and weather of northern Pakistan. Shining Light began to deliver food to the families who needed it most, and soon the government asked us to provide shelters as well. 

When the nation faced great uncertainty, Shining Light was there.  When all hope was destroyed with no access to food and warmth, Shining Light offered a hope for the next day, and a hope for their future.  Over 850 emergency shelters were provided and families knew they would be safe for the winter. When Covid-19 ravaged the nation leaving families without work or the ability to feed their families, SLI fed 2,496 individuals with one month food supplies. We have experience providing relief, and we are positioned to act again.

Right now, the situation in Pakistan looks all too familiar, with thousands of lives lost, food scarce, and winter fast approaching. While crisis is ravaging the nation, SHINING LIGHT IS STILL MOVING. We have teams on the ground now, visiting hard to access villages to assess the damage and evaluate which families are the most   vulnerable.  Our staff and board members are committed to providing practical and physical help in phases that will provide the most stability to the region.

SLI is in Phase 1 of a Flood Relief action plan in which we will provide a one month supply of food and cooking supplies to 700 families in Gilgit-Baltistan. The villages in which we provide Rural Village Schools, and Adult Literacy will receive the food supplies and relief they so desperately need to survive right now. There is HOPE, and we will continue to rise to action when our Pakistan faces despair.

To help provide Meals to 700 families, click here.