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Meet our Board of Directors

Shining Light International is supported and strengthened by a wonderful active board comprised of international professionals, business men, and nonprofit experts. Everything that we do is made possible these leaders who give generously of their time and resources to advocate for hope and education in Northern Pakistan.

Let us introduce you to: The SLI Board of Directors

Charles (Chuck) E. Odegaard, Chairman  

We value his wisdom & vast experience in Central Asia, his practical knowledge & his pastor’s heart. He has served over 25 years in Central Asia in every “stan” country. He has guided SLI through many sticky situations with the Pakistan government & officials. He has guided the SLI board well over the years and we are blessed by his humble, servant leadership.

Gary Uber (Vice-Chairman) 

Gary has a lot of business savvy. We greatly value his humor & positivity. He is one of our biggest & oldest supporters of the work in Pakistan. He has been key in helping us fund different projects & inspired vision for the  monthly donor program; “Ray of Hope Club.”

George Diggins (Treasurer)

George has been a personal friend  of the Directors Mike and Robin Gordon for over 35 years! He & Kathy supported them financially in the early days and have never stopped! George’s input as a board member is significant. He is trustworthy to get things done, concise in his communications, eager to serve, & has a great sense of humor. He is passionate about helping the oppressed & sharing the love of God.

Tyler Gordon (Secretary)

SLI is so thankful for his leadership abilities. He handles a lot of responsibility well & is very reliable. Steadfast is a word we would use to describe him. He understands Pakistan well because of living there for so many years & setting up businesses and we value his input on the board & especially operational decisions.

Leonie Kent (Member)

Leonie has been our most frequent visitor to Pakistan. Her vision & passion for the mission of SLI is contagious. She’s a gifted speaker & mobilizer & one of our strongest advocates for the work in northern Pakistan.  She has practical insight and wisdom because of her many years of involvement with the organization.

James Groves (Member) 

He is our newest board member, but we are impressed with his eagerness to learn about SLI & its mission in Pakistan. He is humble, generous, & eager to serve. His business experience has proven invaluable to SLI’s future as we seek to expand our presence & impact in northern Pakistan.

Shining Light International would not be where it is today without the wisdom, input, and sacrifices of this board who have helped propel the mission forward.

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