Covid-19 Food Relief

Covid-19 Food Relief

Food Relief Update: By the end of 2020, SLI provided 1 month supply food packages to over 250 families in Gilgit-Baltistan, providing sustenance for 2,496 individuals.

August 2020: 100 Gujjar Families have received a 1 month supply of food! Covid-19 has effected many in Gilgit-Baltistan, and it is always SLI’s mission to care for the more vulnerable in this region. The Gujjars are already existing at extreme poverty and ensuring they had access to food and resources was crucial during this time. Nearly 600 people have been given basic food supply packages that will feed them for one month through your generous donations! Thank you for helping us to meet practical needs during this time of uncertainty, so that when everyone is safe and well, we may resume our education programs in these villages.

Help provide food relief to 100 more families in Pakistan. $68 provides a one month food package. Donate to SLI here

“You have heard the voice of a widow and I God has heard my prayers.” – Lal Sara

 “Today we were about to die. We have no work at home and there is no one at home to feed us. Since this pandemic has started we have never gotten any help from anyone. I have seen people coming here and giving food to others but I always have been neglected. If you weren’t here me and my kids were going to die. This food which you have provided today will help us to live a life for at least one month. Today you have heard the voice of a widow and I God has heard my prayers.” – Lal Sara

“I am a widow of four kids, my husband died six years ago. I cry every day when I see my kids sleeping without food… I wanted to leave all my miseries behind and didn’t want live any more. Here in this Nala (valley of high pasture) there is nothing. Every day we only see these mountains and nothing else. We have no work here and my kids are adults but they have no jobs. They are always in a difficult situation. The virus has pushed us to only live here in this pasture. I am so happy today you people are here with food and you are here to help us not to die. I will pray for your families and for your organization every day.” – Bibi

“We lived here in this Nala for more than hundred years and all we have is goats. In We don’t grow agriculture, and we buy our food from the market. Now-a-days we have no work to do. I had tried to sell a few goats but because of the virus I was not able to go to market. Life is becoming so difficult here and my kids are not eating proper meals. We always run out of the food items at home and my family is asking me always to buyfood items but I cannot because I don’t have money. I cannot fulfill the requirements of my family. For last one week I was praying and thinking about buying food items and today God has answered my prayers and this organization has provided all the food items which we need to eat here. Since this virus has attacked our country and this area we are worried about our future. I don’t know what will happen in future. I hope you will always think of my family and provide food again for our survival.” – Kher Shah

“I support eight people at home. I am an old man and I have no work. My son was working as a laborer but for last few months there has been no work. We are borrowing flour and other food items from our neighbors. We have no idea how to stay alive in this kind of situation and I have been praying every day to God for miracles. I am an old man and I have never experienced such a critical situation in all of my 70 years. I am only worried about my kids- if I die no problem, because now I am an old man but I want my kids to have good education. I hope this virus will die soon but what we need is a good education for this generation. If your organization will help our children then I am so confident these Gujjar kids will become like you who are helping us today. Thank you for reaching to us and for this ration. My whole family will pray for you and for your protection.” – Nakeel