SLI’s Blogger Advocate: Katie Cook

SLI’s Blogger Advocate: Katie Cook

 We have been sensing that there is a movement happening.  As we travel around the country attending different conferences and events, we have been finding that people from all different backgrounds are wanting to know what they can do to make a difference in Pakistan.

We can see that people are giving of their time and resources, and sharing with their communities about the status of Girls’ Education in Pakistan, and how to help empower women through purchasing products from Life Stitch Manufacturing.

It has been beautiful to see this new army of people rallying around Shining Light International, and we believe it’s only going to get stronger.  It will get stronger because each person who gets involved has their own sphere of influence, their own passion, their own creativity that we could never inspire on our own.

This fact was most realized when we came across our new friend:

Katie Cook of Hope Engaged 

Katie is a professional blogger who has established a most beautiful platform of sharing her love for traveling while also making a difference in the world.  She has a craving for adventure that has taken her to  nearly 40 nations such as  Turkey, Kenya, Nepal, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  While inspiring her readers on How to pay for travel, she also encourages them to culturally enhance travel and reminds her audience to be educated about the various justice issues around the world and how you can be a part of change.

Bottom line is…..we love Katie, and we are so honored and excited that she has chosen to lock arms with Shining Light International as our first Blogger Advocate. Over the course of the next few months Katie will be sharing why she has chosen to rally around the vision and mission of SLI and how people like you can make a difference in Pakistan in new ways.  She will be helping us launch a brand new, super exciting opportunity to get involved so stay tuned on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and start following Katie’s blog; Hope Engaged to be inspired and a part of this new movement.