Over 700 Books sent to Pakistan

Over 700 Books sent to Pakistan

 Each year at Shining Light Academy is a victory over the battle to keep Pakistani children in school past grade 6.  In 2014 you have already helped us to add Grade 7 and keep our students studying in preparation for high school.  As we keep pressing forward and dreaming for the future, our goal is to expand Shining Light Academy to a full British O-Levels accredited high-school (Grades 8-10).  Once we receive our O-Level status, Shining Light Academy will become the first school to offer this level of education in the history of Northern Pakistan.  In order to accomplish this, the school needs a new and fully stocked library, as well as a science lab, and we are well on our way to meeting this target by September 2014.  

As plans have begun for the construction of the new library, there was the question of once it was built, where would we obtain enough books to fill it?  As we spread the word and reached out to contacts across the nation, we got word that a school on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii had closed down and was willing to donate their entire library to Shining Light Academy!  We sent one member of our team to start sorting, packing and making arrangements for them to be sent via ship to the port of Karachi, Pakistan.

p style=”color: #15171a;”>We could not be more elated to report that when all books were sorted and packed, we have ended up with over 700 books sent.  This includes Math, Science, History, Geography, Literature, and Spelling Curriculum with teacher guides and class sets of student workbooks,  children’s story books, older grade level novels, and nearly 250 children’s science books!

We can not fully express our gratitude toward Sunset Beach Christian Church and School for their generosity toward Shining Light Academy.  We so strongly believe that books are a powerful weapon with which we can fight terrorism and fundamentalism in Northern Pakistan.  Putting more books in our students hands, opens the entire world to be at their fingertips and gives them the tools they need to be a force for change.

If you would like to be a part of this new library project here are ways that you can get involved:

1.  Help us cover the costs of shipping the pallet of books from Honolulu, HI to Karachi, Pakistan.  ($600.00 USD)

2.  Give the gift of books.  From this point on, we will be purchasing the remainder of the books to stock the library from within Pakistan.  Your gift will help with the purchase of books to get that library full to the brim!

3.  Help with the cost of the library construction. (Approximately $10,000).