Host a Scarf Party for SLI

Host a Scarf Party for SLI

Are you a pro at hosting parties?

Do you and your friends like to make a difference with your purchases?SLI_home_party-13

If you love what we do at Shining Light International, and have been wondering how you can get involved from right there in your neighborhood, hosting a home Scarf Party might be right up your alley…A few years ago, we launched our very first Shining Light scarf party in Haleiwa, Hawaii, and since then we have we have seen the entire nation explode with friends and partners hosting their own Scarf Parties in their homes, churches, workplaces and more. Since 2015, we have equipped advocates just like you to host parties in nearly all 50 states! We believe that if our friends can band together with us and promote girls education, empowering women through fair trade and employment skills training,  we could raise up an army of people who want to make a difference in Pakistan…and have fun doing it! Who doesn’t love a party?

What is a Scarf Party?


1 //  Gather your friends. Enjoy some fun appetizers or treats.

2 // Share your heart.  Why have you chosen to get involved with Shining Light International?  Explain a little bit about who we are. (We’ll provide you with all the info you need to say in a kit sent to your house).

3 // Show a short video clip that we send you about girl’s education in Pakistan.

4 // Go shopping! We will send you a package of beautiful Infinity Scarves, made by the women at our Life Stitch Manufacturing Center in Northern Pakistan. The scarves are $15 each and are a powerful purchase that helps to empower the women who have been trained and given a vocational skill, raising their social status in their communities. (You get to keep a scarf for yourself as a thank you for hosting!)

5 // Collect the money, and any unsold scarves, and send them back to Shining Light….know that you have made a direct difference in the lives of women and girls in Northern Pakistan!

Who does it benefit?


Not only does each purchase allow us to continue to employ and empower the women at the Life Stitch Manufacturing Center, but scarf proceeds go toward sending girls to school in our Rural Village Schools. Our goal is to cover the cost of 700 children to go to school in the rural villages of Northern Pakistan each year.  Will you help us reach our goal by sharing with your friends…and have fun doing it by hosting a Scarf Party with your friends?

If you are interested in hosting a Party of your own and sharing your passion for women’s empowerment and girl’s education email us at: