Shining Light provides opportunities for affordable education to more than 1,000 children in troubled regions in northern Pakistan.

People like you have given to support educational scholarships, provide for training programs, build new classrooms, pay teachers’ salaries in remote villages, and made futures brighter for many people. Here are three areas we’re working to bring quality schools to the boys and girls of northern Pakistan.

The Shining Light Academy was established in 2005 out of a need for high quality education in Gilgit, Pakistan. Since then, the academy has grown to accommodate over 500 children in Play Group (Preschool) through ninth grade.

At SLA, creative activities, paired with warm and loving environments bring out the best in students. There is a long list of students waiting for admission, and the Academy is regarded as the best school in the area.

Each year we add a grade level so that our students can beat the odds and stay in school, receiving the highest possible education. We have continued needs each year for additional materials, staff, furnishings, and infrastructures. You can donate towards those needs here.Education is not free in Pakistan – even public education that is provided by the government. Many children from low income families and those of minority ethnic heritage simply can’t afford it.

Shining Light Education Scholarship Program provides the funds required for admission and monthly tuition fees for Shining Light Academy and other local schools. In addition, donations through Shining Light International help provide uniforms and books to 30 children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend school. Many of these children are the first in their families to learn to read and write and do not start school until a later age, so the scholarship is also paired with subsidized tutoring support through the Shining Light Children’s Learning Center.

SLI relies fully on the support of international and national donors to make this program possible.We’re driven to meet the needs of the oppressed and isolated people in Northern Pakistan.

We’re working with the Gujjar people, a semi-nomadic people who have existed for generations among the roughest terrain in Pakistan. They are mistreated, oppressed, and taken advantage of. Most children work in the fields instead of in school. Parents can’t afford school, and if they can, they send a son, while girls receive a child marriage instead of an education.

However, when asked what they wanted most for their future, the Gujjar communities crave a hope for the future generations. They want education.

We joined with them to say “Your children deserve an education, they are worth it, and there is hope.”

Through partnerships with village leaders, we’re empowering and equipping them for that future. Together we have established schools in three villages and provide school in tents with traveling teachers to allow children to stay in school year round. We’re educating over 600 children, and 200 of them are girls. Many of them are becoming the first women to attend school in the history of their people.

Invest in them.

Change their world.

Just $15 covers an entire month of school fees, uniforms, books, and supplies. When you give a little, their life changes a lot.

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