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Rays of Hope: The Kramers

Shining Light International simply wouldn’t exist with out the support of our friends and followers. Everything that we do is made possible by your generous donations and commitment to the work we are doing in Northern Pakistan.

That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate YOU.  Each month we will feature a Fan of the Month and give you a chance to hear from each other on what it is that drives you to be a part of Shining Light International.

Let us introduce you to: Tim and dana Kramer

How did you first hear about SLI?

We first heard of SLI by meeting Ty and Laura Gordon in Woodland Park. We met Mike and Robin (the directors) through them and started getting to know a little bit more about SLI. The moment we started REALLY paying attention to SLI was when Ty and Laura asked Tim if he wanted to go to Pakistan. Tim’s three week trip to Pakistan in the fall of 2016 was life changing. 

What do you love about SLI? 

We love the humble yet passionate dedication to putting  people first. We love the focus on those who have been forgotten or neglected, particularly the Gujjar women and children. 

What upcoming projects are you most excited about?

The continuing work of LifeStitch, more schoolrooms, teachers and staff in the Gujjar villages and all the great work of Shining Light Academy. 

Why should others become involved with Shining Light?

Others should get involved because the Ray of Hope Club and SLI are literally changing the world. Tim was blown away when he visited villages and heard stories of transformation as a direct result of the generous donations of the RHC. To see the light and hope in people’s eyes, to see their genuine smiles, laughter, and tears at the generosity of people from the other side of the world makes every dollar and prayer more than worth it. 

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