Life Stitch Manufacturing

Life Stitch Manufacturing

As the Women’s Training and Vocational Center continues to train and raise up women among impoverished communities, there are even more exciting opportunities arising for their future.  Not only are women graduating with a new skill set, Shining Light International Pakistan is aiming to now take their empowerment one step further by providing employment opportunities through our new Life Stitch Manufacturing Program.

Upon completing the one year vocational training program, women are equipped with sewing, embroidery and wool weaving skills that can be used in the production of various textile and handicraft products.  Life Stitch Manufacturing is a project to employ our WVTC graduates in a sustainable market environment in which their textile products can be marketed and sold locally, nationally and internationally.

We are excited to begin this new phase of employing women and the production of products.  The first stage of the program is right around the corner as the women will be receiving life altering entrepreneurial business training hosted by Yobel International, a fair trade retailer. In October, Yobel will be providing training for graduates in ethics, marketing, quality control, and producing marketable products.  Yobel Market has an amazing fair trade program, and they are looking forward to the potential of purchasing our clothing, accessories, and handicraft items for retail sale in the United States.

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Our goal for the women of Pakistan is to alleviate poverty, improve social status, and empower women through income generation possibilities.  This business training is only the beginning of what these women can accomplish with the right tools in hand, and we are so looking forward to seeing the transformation of these women’s lives in Northern Pakistan!  Stay tuned for more developments with the Life Stitch Manufacturing Program as more products are being developed and we hope to be established and selling marketable products in the very near future!

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Here are the beginnings of Life Stitch’s potential products: