We’re teaching life skills that alleviate poverty.

We’ve taught more than 400 women skills that raise social status and income and give women and their families a better future. Here’s how we’re using our training program to transform the lives of marginalized people.

Women are among the most oppressed and stifled citizens in Gilgit. We provide skills to empower, show women their value as people, and bridge gaps between varying sects and creeds to promote harmony.

Women are trained in sewing basics, cutting, embroidery, knitting, English, Urdu, ethics, and literacy development. Upon graduation, each woman receives a sewing machine, so she can start her own business or improve her household.

Over 400 women have graduated from the program. Many have gone on to create small businesses, teach others their newly acquired skills, and some have even begun their own vocational centers.

Shining Light aims to expand the reach of this training program to surrounding communities and to provide Wool Weaving Training in the Gujjar villages. This will ensure that many more Pakistani women gain access to powerful skills training that will change their lives and the lives of their families.For several years, we’ve trained women at the Women’s Vocational Training Center. Now, we’ve created a platform for women to use their skills more effectively. In 2009, we launched LifeStitch, a market for the handmade items they produce.

Women now have a much greater opportunity to support their families with extra income. Eventually, LifeStitch will become a growing, self­sustaining platform to empower women and change the future of their families.

LifeStitch products sold in the United States help cover tuition for children in our Rural Village Schools. You can be a part of their journey by purchasing LifeStitch products through Yobel Market, Hosting a Scarf Party, or donating to the development of their local store­-front and future training programs.

Invest in them.

Change their world.

The biggest factor limiting our ability to help more people is funding. Your gift will create a new future for women and their families in Pakistan.

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