What We Do – OLD

What We Do – OLD

What We Do

Bringing a brighter future

We’ve partnered with local communities to identify education, training, and development as the key to bringing a brighter future to the people of northern Pakistan.

The Problem

Education in rural Pakistan is a huge problem. One in every 12 children in the world who are not in school are from Pakistan. A quarter of all Pakistani children have never even been in a school building. Pakistan has the lowest youth literacy rate of any country on the planet, and continues to reduce spending on education.

Parents usually can’t afford school. If they can, the quality of the education is very poor. If parents can afford school, they send sons, and arrange marriages for their daughters.

Without education, children grow up destined for a life of poverty and hopelessness. Education is the key to escaping poverty; lack of education leads to oppression and extremism, which creates incredible hurdles for communities to thrive. When most Pakistanis are asked what they dream of, it’s education— a hope for their future.

The Solution

Shining Light is bringing hope for the future.

Through strong partnerships with local leaders, we’re empowering and equipping communities to root out poverty and infuse opportunities.

Shining Light now educates more than 1000 children, has given vocational training to over 400 women, and is continuing to build relationships with communities that bring lasting change in one of the highest need areas on the planet.

And there’s a lot more work to do. Without the funding to sustain and grow, generations of children will be without education, and without a future.



Shining Light provides high quality and affordable education to more than 1,000 children in troubled regions of Pakistan. People like you have given to support education and new lives, and great work is being done. Here are three areas where we’re working to bring quality education to the boys and girls of Pakistan.

Shining Light

We started SLA because children in Gilgit had no access to quality, affordable education.


Education is not free in Pakistan. We’re working to make sure that even those most in need receive education.

Rural Village

We’re driven to meet the needs of the oppressed and isolated people in northern Pakistan.

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We’re teaching life skills that alleviate poverty. We’ve taught new skills to over 400 women— skills that raise social status and income and give women and their families a better future. Here’s how we’re using our training program to transform the lives of marginalized people.

Vocational Training

We empower women through skills that bridge cultural divides and set women up for success.

Life Stitch

We’re working to make LifeStitch a platform for women to sell their work and provide for their families and communities.

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We work with the whole community to bring lasting change. We do this through relationships with local leadership to provide education and other necessities that build the community.

Rural Village
Development Program

We’re addressing the desperate educational and economic needs of the region’s most remote communities.


We provide basic aid and shelter through natural disasters in the Gilgit area.

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Invest in them.

Change their world.

There is so much more great work that we’re ready to do. The biggest factor limiting the expansion of our work today is funding.

Meet Haroon

An education at Shining Light Academy made all the difference to Haroon, even through difficult circumstances.


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Arish’s Story

Because people gave, Arish received a scholarship to go to school for the first time.


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