Host a Chai and Pie Night

Host a Chai and Pie Night

Hot Chai, Fresh Pie, and Incredible Stories

Just imagine yourself sitting together with a group of close friends sharing life-changing stories while sipping piping hot cups of chai and savoring freshly baked pies.

Mmm…delightful, right?

We’re looking for people that are enthusiastic about the work of Shining Light and are willing to host a “Pie & Chai Night.” It’s a warm and fun-filled event where you invite your friends┬áto bring their favorite baked goods to share while experiencing the incredible heart of Shining Light.

Maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as the life of the party? No worries! A Shining Light representative will be there to guide the entire event. We just need you to provide a space and a group of people with generous hearts. We’ll take care of the rest.

Think you might like to host a night filled with hot chai, fresh pie, and incredible stories? Please, fill out the form below and send us your info. We’d love to share our stories with you.