Focus Areas

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Disaster Relief

in the summer of 2010, heavy rains and extreme flooding caused the nation’s most devastating natural disaster. As a response to the relief effort, Shining Light provided basic aid and more than 800 shelters to suffering families. Today, we remain committed to meeting crucial needs when the unexpected happens.

Rural Village Development Program

Working hand-in-hand with families and community leaders, we strive to equip the people of northern Pakistan with the tools they need to build a strong, independent community that can thrive.  We do this by providing resources, materials, training, and support to meet needs in education and economic development.

LifeStitch Manufacturing

In 2013, LifeStitch was launched to provide a market for handmade items produced by SLI-trained women and employ the graduates of the Women’s Vocational Training Center. Over 20 women are now employed here and are bringing home a salary to support their families. Not only are women being employed, empowered, and encouraged, the LifeStitch products that are sold in the U.S. help to cover tuition for children in our sponsored rural village schools.

Women’s Vocational Training Center

Through a year-long program, women are trained in the basics of sewing, knitting, embroidery, English and Urdu literacy skills, and business ethics. Upon graduation, each woman receives her own sewing machine so she can start her own business, or begin to meet the needs of her family. More than 800 women have graduated from this program, and many have gone on to create small businesses or have even begun teaching others their new skills as well.

Pakistan Girl Student Doing Classwork

Shining Light Academy

Established in 2005 out of a need for high-quality education in Gilgit, Pakistan, we have since grown to serve over 750 children from PreK-10th grade. Because of the school’s variety of creative activities offered within a warm and nurturing environment, the Shining Light Academy is regarded as one of the top schools in northern Pakistan.

Education Scholarships

Many families in Pakistan, particularly minority Christians, can’t afford to provide their children with the education they so desperately need. That’s where you come in. When you support SLI, you help provide the funds necessary to cover admission and monthly tuition fees so that students can receive admission and monthly tuition fees to get a quality education at Shining Light Academy and other schools in the area. Check out a video on the Scholarship Program here.

Rural Village Schools

We’re committed to meet the needs of an isolated, semi-nomadic people group called the Gujjars. Through partnerships with village leaders, we support schools in four communities and are educating over 600 students. In addition, tents are supplied for the nomadic months of the year, allowing children to stay in school year-round. Thanks to your support, 200 girls are the first females ever to attend school in the history of their villages!