We work with the whole community to bring lasting change.

Our development work identifies needs with local leadership so we can help communities who want education to receive it. We work within these communities to provide for long­term and immediate needs in these areas.

Remote Village Development Program

Driven by strong partnerships with village leaders, the Remote Village Development Program (RVDP) was established in 2009 to begin to address the desperate educational and economic needs of the region’s most remote, vulnerable, and marginalized communities.

We provide resources, materials, training and support to meet needs in education and economic development. To date, over 500 families in some of the region’s most remote communities are directly benefiting from the Remote Village Development Program.

Recently we’ve focused on some extremely isolated Gujjar villages. Without access to education, medical care and other resources, the Gujjar people will continue to struggle simply to survive.

We’re working to offer a brighter future to the Gujjar people through resources and opportunities for children, especially girls, to go to school.

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Disaster Relief

In 2010, torrential rain left 40% of Pakistan under water. Earthquakes continue to rip apart the landscape, and a lack of proper infrastructure and resources makes disasters in northern Pakistan especially devastating. Through generous partners all over the world, we’ve provided basic aid, shelter, and resources during some of the floods and earthquakes that have shaken the Gilgit area. Learn More

Shining Light International is committed to meeting practical needs when the unexpected happens.

Invest in them.

Change their world.

The biggest factor limiting our ability to help more people is funding. Your gift will create a new future for children and communities in Pakistan.

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