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Volunteer of the Year 2019

In 2019 Shining Light had many wonderful volunteers behind the scenes, helping to see that our organization delivered the highest quality programs possible. Many  people have contributed countless hours of research, technical support, stuffing envelopes, visiting Pakistan, and much much more.  We are so grateful for each and every individual who volunteers with us, whether they have helped serve at an event or traveled with us to the field. Each December SLI would like to honor one of our hardest working volunteers by choosing a “Volunteer of the Year”.

Let us introduce you to: Kathy Hobbs

Kathy has served SLI in a number of capacities. Whether it was through serving on our Board of Directors from February 2015 to January 2018, providing invaluable administrative advice or by volunteering her time to different projects, Kathy has served the needs of SLI faithfully, professionally and with the highest degree of excellence. Kathy’s background is in computer programming, where she has shared with our staff members that she has served both the for profit and nonprofit sectors. She has dedicated her life to hope and bringing more of that into the world through her skill set in programming, including serving the needs of the oppressed & marginalized for several years in Central Asia. In the last three years, Kathy has served SLI in a capacity that will ensure the effectiveness of our mission and help us to continually serve communities in northern Pakistan for years to come. She has created a tool to measure data from each of our programs that has been tailored to fit SLI’s needs as an organization. Her dedication to this project is highly valued and appreciated by SLI’s Board of Directors, staff, and our field team. 

Kathy, we want to say we are so grateful for who you are and your dedication to our mission.

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