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Rays of Hope: The Blacklers

Shining Light International simply wouldn’t exist with out the support of our friends and followers. Everything that we do is made possible by your generous donations and commitment to the work we are doing in Northern Pakistan.

That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate YOU.  Each month we will feature a Fan of the Month and give you a chance to hear from each other on what it is that drives you to be a part of Shining Light International.

Let us introduce you to: Jenny Blackler

How did you first hear about SLI?

I first heard about Shining Light from my friend Kezia, who works for SLI.  She is so passionate about the cause and shared with me about her experiences in Northern Pakistan which was very enlightening.  She helped to better educate me on the incredible need for education, particularly for women and children, and what a dramatic difference it makes in a life.

What do you love about SLI? 

I love the investment that SLI makes in the individual lives of so many! The testimonies are truly inspiring of the women who have learned a vocational trade and are now able to improve their quality of life for themselves and their families.  Their lives transform from hopeless to hopeful, from captivity to a chance for freedom.

What upcoming projects are you most excited about?

It is very exciting that SLI is expanding the adult literacy centers and the vocational training programs of course.  However, I suppose I am the most excited about the teacher exchange program SLI is doing with Germany. This allows for such an opportunity to gain new perspectives, obtain fresh ideas, and expand the sense of support and teamwork for the teachers. I can only imagine this kind of encouragement and recharge is crucial at times.   

Why should others become involved with Shining Light?

I know many of us share a heart for Pakistan, and our Muslim neighbors, especially if people face any kind of oppression or lack of opportunity for education, but we often don’t know how to help.  Joining the Ray of Hope Club by giving regularly and supporting SLI grants us the chance to do just this…to help provide resources for those physically there, teaching and training, and creating a new way of life for people who need it most.  When you join the Ray of Hope Club, SLI frequently informs us how best to pray, and what our money is going toward- You actually feel actively involved.  Read a testimony on the blog…It will speak for itself!

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