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53 Adults Learn to Read for the First Time

In the beginning of 2017, Shining Light only dreamed of teaching Gujjar adults to read and write like their children.  By November 2017, exactly one year ago, Shining light was able to launch not one, but FOUR Gujjar Adult Literacy centers. Because you gave, 53 men and women from these communities learned how to read and write for the first time in their lives.

When Shining Light first began working with these communities, they were resistant to all education- for their children, and for themselves.  However nearly 10 years later, over 600 of their children are attending school year round, and 53 of the parents have graduated from the first year of Adult Literacy classes (this includes women)!

One of the greatest Gains is their new found sense of value for the education their children are receiving.

Educated parents will educate their children and make it a priority. Mothers who can simply read and write are 50% more likely to send their children to school- so we are confident that beginning to assist these adults to gain an education themselves will only perpetuate the growth of literacy in this region. The graduation of the first 53 Gujjar adults feels like history in the making! They were thrilled to be able to write their name for the first time, and to be able to learn alongside their young children when they brought home their school books.

“I am so happy to have graduated and this certificate which you have given to me is my reward. When I die my next generation will remember me that I was educated and I have graduated in Adult Literacy. I am an old lady but my brain never stopped learning very good things. I have learned a lot about health and hygiene in addition to learning how to read and write. I am so lucky that at age 63 I have realized the importance of education. Thank you my teachers for teaching me so well.”  – Mrs. Nigar (name and photo changed for security)

Thank you for being a part of making these schools and literacy programs sustainable for years to come. When you Give, the impact ripples through many generations among these villages, and will continue to for many years to come.

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