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Brand New Computer Lab

 Before our Building Expansion Project, Shining Light Academy only had a small computer lab with about a dozen computers.  This was not nearly enough for all 375 of our students to have a proper training schedule to learn vital technological skills.  The teachers were only able to allow half of their classes to use the computers at a time, creating very problematic scheduling and logistics issues, not only with their own classrooms, but with the other teachers as well.

With this increasing space issue, we called on all of YOU for help.  We made known the need for a new building on the Shining Light campus, so that we could include two classrooms for grade 7 and a brand new computer lab that fit all of our needs.  In just six short weeks, not only did we see all of the funds raised for building the structure and furniture, we saw 30 laptops donated to complete the computer lab.

We have a team of three staff on the ground in Pakistan now, and one of the first things on their list of priorities was to check out the new computer lab!  They could hardly wait to see what had transpired since their last visit in October.  What they found when they arrived absolutely blew their minds!


The computer lab is complete, the classrooms are furnished, and the students are thriving in their new learning environment. The students are thrilled to be working on these brand new  and sparkling computers, provided just for their development.  As we mentioned in “Pakistan’s Technology Gap”:

“only 10% of Pakistanis use, or know how to use, computers and the internet…However, access to the internet, and having a basic understanding of mobile devices and computers can increase a person’s income and professional opportunities by over 41%.”


Our mission is to provide the students at Shining Light Academy with an education and the technical training that will allow them to rise above the challenges they  face in an impoverished nation.  We desire for them to have the tools and skills they need to become the next doctors, scientists, mechanics, pilots, and journalists of their nation.  We believe in them, and this computer lab is one step closer for them in achieving their dreams.

Thank you to all who contributed to the Building Expansion Project.

You were a crucial part of increasing our student’s professional opportunities and providing a brighter hope for their futures.