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The Books Have Arrived!

After being cleaned, sorted, packed, and wrapped, 700 children’s books made the months long journey across several oceans from Oahu, Hawaii to the port of Karachi, Pakistan.  Once the books finally landed and were accounted for, we encountered a minor problem in the port, that turned into months of paperwork and communication that kept the books from being sent up North to accompany the new library.


However…We are pleased to report that all hiccups have been cleared up, and the books have safely arrived at their forever home at Shining Light Academy in Gilgit, Pakistan.  Piles upon piles of books now get to be sorted into neat, categorized sections.  Our students will have access to hundreds of Science books in which they can research anything from ocean animals, to the planetary system.  They can read age appropriate novels that will take them to lands and into stories they couldn’t have imagined before.  There are color and shape books for the preschoolers, and there are Math curriculum and workbooks for the elementary students.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The new library is set up beautifully for the students to be able to select a book, and then be able to bring it next door in the study room for extended periods of classwork and research.  Our hope is that the students at Shining Light Academy will be able to thrive and be launched into a brighter future as they have access to more books! We are so excited about the growth of Shining Light Academy, and we continue to make it our goal to provide the highest quality of enriched education in Northern Pakistan.

Thank you to all who gave to make the library and book shipment a reality